Looking for the best high-quality mushroom growing supplies, substrates, genetics, and grain spawn? 

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of different vendors. Below are the sellers that consistently provide the highest quality products and exceptional customer support. In addition, these sellers are small businesses that are all passionate about mycology.

Check them out! Do you have someone that you think belongs on our list? Send us a comment to let us know and we would be happy to speak with them. 

Best Millet Grain Spawn Bags

Humble Fungus

Hands down, the Humble Fungus team makes the best ready-to-use millet grain spawn bags we have used to date. They have always arrived perfectly hydrated, and contamination-free. These grain spawn bags use the millet grain, which colonizes faster than traditional rye berries. Each bag contains 3 pounds of locally sourced organic millet seeds.

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best grain spawn bags ready to use

Best Rye Berry Spawn Bags

Hongos Grains – Guaranteed Grains

With great prices, a wide variety of grains, and free shipping, Hongo’s Grains is a favorite supplier of grains to professional cultivators and hobbyists alike. This is an A+ supplier in our opinion, as they stand by their products and will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction with their products.

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best rye berry grain bags

Best Milo Spawn Bags

Spawn Magic

Spawn Magic manufacturers high quality Milo Grain Spawn bags at the most affordable prices out there. Milo, also known as Sorghum Grain, is touted to have the best of both millet and rye, providing many inoculation points with superior water retention than millet grains. Milo grain is exceptional for growing mushrooms.

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