Interested in taking an online course on mushroom cultivation? From Mycology 101 to the Cultivation Masterclass, the Fungi Academy has a course for everyone. With over 100 hours of video lessons, Fungi Academy can take you from a mushroom noob to a fungi fanatic in no time, all from the comfort of your own home.

Below you will find a few of the psychedelic mushroom courses available to you. Click on any of the images or links to visit Fungi Academy to learn more and register.

Mycology 101

This beginner mushroom grower class will provide participants with the foundational knowledge needed for more advanced mycology.

In this course you will learn:

  • Mycology 101 – This lecture will teach you the basics of the study of fungi. You will learn about the morphology of Fungi, their unique techniques for survival, the symbiotic relationship these organisms share, and the evolution of mycology.
  • Evolution of Fungi – Explore the evolution of Fungi on this planet and their mysterious origins. Learn about the vital role they play in creating the abundance of life we find on Earth.
  • Fungi’s Role in the Ecosystem – This lecture investigates the omnipresence of fungi and how they serve the Earth, from decomposing dead organisms to creating symbiotic relationships with trees and even animals.
  • Fungal Fundamentals – The final module concludes with a summary of the profound impact that fungi have on the world. This lecture also covers the lifecycle of fungi, from spores to fruit.
online course fungal ecology

Fungal Ecology

40+ clear, fast-paced, video lessons about the role of Fungi in the evolution of our planet and the way the symbiotic relationships they share in their natural ecosystems with our plant, animal, and bacterial brothers and sisters.

This lecture series will cover all aspects of Fungal life;

  • Micro & Macro Fungi
  • Mycorrhizal
  • Endophytic
  • Parasitic
  • Saprophytic

At the end of this course, we are confident you’ll find yourself enthralled by fungi and exceedingly grateful for all of the magical fungal organisms that make our beautiful existence happen.

online psychedelics course

Psychedelic Journey Work

Whether you are a psychedelic noobie or a well-traveled psychonaut, with 12+ in-depth video lessons and 70+ pages of text, this online psychedelic course has something for everyone. This course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to get more out of your psychedelic experiences.

Not only will you gain valuable insight into the psychedelic journey, by taking this course Fungi Academy will help you to connect with experts from the global network of psychonauts and psychedelic change-makers. Modules included in this course include:

  • Intention setting design
  • Safety and contraindications
  • Understand how to create the ideal Set & Setting
  • Learn about Psychedelic Harm Reduction
  • Psychedelic journey curation
  • Managing challenges
  • The art of coming down
  • And more..
online mushroom growing class

Mycology Masterclass

The Sacred Mushroom Cultivation series is the most popular online course offered by Fungi Academy. This comprehensive mushroom growing course offers students over 70 video lessons and a 130+ page workbook. By the end of this course, you will understand the entire mushroom cultivation process!

  • Grow, harvest, and store home-grown mushrooms at your own pace.
  • Learn where to get high-quality mushroom spores and cultures.
  • Learn about the essential mushroom cultivation equipment.
  • Understand how to easily create a mushroom-growing environment at your home.
  • Get the skills to start growing your mushrooms with confidence.