Milliken Mushrooms Grain Spawn Bags


  • HIGHEST QUALITY BAGS – Durable and simplistic resulting in perfect spawn bags every time with our professional mushroom spawn bags! Our most user-friendly mushroom bags are super strong, pliable, and super easy to use.
  • IDEAL FOR SPAWN – Built for spawn incubation, these bags provide an ideal environment for mycelium growth in three ways: 0.2-micron gas exchange filter allows for gas exchange with maximum contamination resistance. Integrated injection port self-heals after removing the needle. After autoclave these bags remain pliable; no more holes or tears exposing sterile spawn to outside air or contaminants.
  • CONVIENIENT – The integrated self-healing injection port allows for fast and easy inoculation.
  • STRONG AND FLEXABLE – At 3-Mil’s thick, our bags are among the thickest in the industry, however, unlike cheap Chinese bags, these bags remain flexible even after sterilization. No more bag holes and tears!
  • 0.2 MICRON PREMIUM GAS EXCHANGE FILTER – High quality air exchange filter allows your mycelium to breath during the colonization of the grain spawn.


If you are looking for quality and convenience when using grain spawn bags, look no further than the Milliken Mushroom Supply, 0.2 micron mushroom grow bags with injection port.


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