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  • best still air box for the money

    Bella Bora Compact Still Air Box

    • Still air box creates clean room for mushroom inoculation with sterilized grain bag, liquid culture
    • Massive 359 qt volume fits any mushroom growing supplies, mycology supplies, agar plates, mushroom stuff
    • 5 min set-up and breakdown, fits into a portable bag to save lots of space in your grow room
    • It can also be used as a mushroom fruiting chamber, mushroom growing chamber or mushroom grow tent
    • Compatible with mushroom growing kit indoor, spores syringe for microscopy
  • BoomrBag Mushroom Substrate

    BoomrBag Mushroom Substrate


    BoomrBag is one of the best bulk mushroom substrates on the market for some time now. We have used it countless times and it never fails. Great for all your manure loving species.

  • personal clean room for mushroom work

    Flow Bench

    Brand Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 18.5 x 20 x 27.5 inches
    Item Weight 35 Pounds
    Specification Met Iso

    About this item

    • Reduced Particulate Environment
    • ISO Class 5 Clean Room
    • Portable, Reliable Operation with Long Filter Life
    • Includes LED light, Anti-Static Curtains, Pre-Filter, and HEPA Filter
    • Outer Dimensions: 18.5″ D x 20″ W x 19″ H
  • temp gun to check mushroom growing tempratures

    Helect Temperature Gun


    An infrared temperature gun is a must for any serious mycologist. These devices allow you to get approximate temperature readings which are crucial during many stages of the mushroom growing process. From testing the temperature of grain jars, monotubs, agar, or pasteurizing substrate, this value temperature gun provides accurate readings on a budged and will prove to be an invaluable tool in your cultivation arsenal

  • best flow hood for the money

    HEPA Filter for Laminar Flow Hood

    • Brand: Novatek
    • Manufacturer’s Part Number: F4010
    • Description: HEPA Filter Novair 2000 24″ x 24″ x 11.5″
    • HEPA Filter – Novair 2000. 24″ x 24″x 11. 5″. 99. 97% at 0.3 micron.
  • best humidity controller for mushrooms

    Inkbird Temp and Humidity Controller Combo

    Brand Inkbird
    Style With Both Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    Power Source Corded Electric
    Voltage 120 Volts
    Material Plastic
  • get rid of trich mold

    Just-the-Trich | Substrate Additive for Severe Trich Mold Infections

    Just-the-Trich Protects Against the Following Contaminates:

    Blight and Fruit Rot (Alternaria spp.); Bacterial Blast, Blight, and Streak (Pseudomonas syringae, Bread Mold (Neurospora.); Black Mold (Aspergillus.); Pseudomonas viridiflava, Xanthomonas Spp.); Bacterial Fruit blotch (Acidovorax avenaesubsp); Trichoderma Harzianum; Sooty mold; Sour Rot; Southern Blight (Scerotium rolfsii); Sheath Spot and Blight (Rhizoctonia oryzae); White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum); White Rot (Scerotium cepivorum.)

    This blend is formulated to prevent aggressive contamination of mushroom substrate by enhancing the immune response of the fungi.

    How to use Just-the-Trich:

    As a Substrate Spray: Simply add 2G to a 1L bottle, and spray your substrate when spawning to bulk, repeat weekly.

    As a Tent Spray: The same as the substrate spray, only you spray the inside of your tent or fruiting chamber to proactively treat Trichoderma in the growing environment itself.


  • Sale! sterilizer for mushroom tools

    Lab Sterilizer

    • FAST STERILIZATION: Thoroughly sterilizes tools in 5-7 seconds, perfect for inoculating loops, needles, scalpels and more.
    • SAFE AND CONVENIENT: Sterilization without open flames or chemicals
    • SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT: 3 lbs and dimensions of 3.5×6.3×7.7 in. Hole size 14mm (0.6 in)
    • INTENSE HEAT: 825°C (1500°F) infrared heat quickly incinerates any contaminants
    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: High quality stainless steel body and ceramic core
  • best mushroom grow bags

    Milliken Mushrooms Grain Spawn Bags

    • HIGHEST QUALITY BAGS – Durable and simplistic resulting in perfect spawn bags every time with our professional mushroom spawn bags! Our most user-friendly mushroom bags are super strong, pliable, and super easy to use.
    • IDEAL FOR SPAWN – Built for spawn incubation, these bags provide an ideal environment for mycelium growth in three ways: 0.2-micron gas exchange filter allows for gas exchange with maximum contamination resistance. Integrated injection port self-heals after removing the needle. After autoclave these bags remain pliable; no more holes or tears exposing sterile spawn to outside air or contaminants.
    • CONVIENIENT – The integrated self-healing injection port allows for fast and easy inoculation.
    • STRONG AND FLEXABLE – At 3-Mil’s thick, our bags are among the thickest in the industry, however, unlike cheap Chinese bags, these bags remain flexible even after sterilization. No more bag holes and tears!
    • 0.2 MICRON PREMIUM GAS EXCHANGE FILTER – High quality air exchange filter allows your mycelium to breath during the colonization of the grain spawn.
  • sterilizer for mushroom cultivation

    Mxmoonfree 25 Quart Sterilizer

    Mxmoonfree Sterilizer For Mushroom Grain Preparation

    Introducing the Mxmoonfree Sterilizer. This pressure cooker is designed for ease of use and hassle-free mushroom grain prep.

    • Time Setting: The Mxmoonfree 25 Quart thermostatic Autoclave offers all the quality and reliability you have come to expect, with the ease of temperature setting and temperature setting.
    • Designed With Safety in Mind: Equipped with two valves, this autoclave is designed to automatically release pressure in case of overpressure, ensuring your safety and preventing explosions.
    • Durable Construction: The four layers of corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell ensure stable and uniform heating, making it an ideal choice for physicians, first aid stations, hospitals, and laboratories.
    • Parameters: The capacity of this steam autoclave is 21 Quart (5.3 gal). Its working temperature is 121-126 degrees Celsius (250~259°F) and its working pressure is 0.11-0.14Mpa (15~20.3 psi), providing thorough sterilization for your instruments and equipment.
    • Outstanding Customer Service: Mxmoonfree provides a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support. Each model is tested and inspected multiple times before leaving the factory, ensuring top-quality performance and reliability.

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