Lab Sterilizer


  • FAST STERILIZATION: Thoroughly sterilizes tools in 5-7 seconds, perfect for inoculating loops, needles, scalpels and more.
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT: Sterilization without open flames or chemicals
  • SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT: 3 lbs and dimensions of 3.5×6.3×7.7 in. Hole size 14mm (0.6 in)
  • INTENSE HEAT: 825°C (1500°F) infrared heat quickly incinerates any contaminants
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: High quality stainless steel body and ceramic core



Power: 150W
Voltage: 120V
Temperature at Center of Chamber: 825°C± 50°C(1500°F)
Standby Constant Temperature 480°C (900°F)
Chamber Diameter: Φ14 mm (0.6 in)
Sterilizer Length: 150 mm
Heating time: 20min
Ambient Operating Temperature: 5°C~40°C (40-104°F)
Relative Humidity: ≤90%
Dimensions: 90x160x195mm (3.5×6.3×7.7 in)
Net Weight: 1.3Kg (2.9 lbs)
Body construction: Stainless Steels
Core construction: Ceramic


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