Bella Bora Compact Still Air Box


  • Still air box creates clean room for mushroom inoculation with sterilized grain bag, liquid culture
  • Massive 359 qt volume fits any mushroom growing supplies, mycology supplies, agar plates, mushroom stuff
  • 5 min set-up and breakdown, fits into a portable bag to save lots of space in your grow room
  • It can also be used as a mushroom fruiting chamber, mushroom growing chamber or mushroom grow tent
  • Compatible with mushroom growing kit indoor, spores syringe for microscopy


The Bella Bora Mycology still-air box is a wonderful starter clean air chamber for mushroom work. It is completely collapsible, and makes inoculation work a breeze. While you may be able to make a still air box at home, the Bella Bora has created a portable, lightweight, and most importantly, clean chamber for all of your mushroom work.


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