The Max Yield Bin is marketed to be a simple and elegant mushroom grow chamber that takes the guesswork out of managing airflow, humidity, and gas exchange. According to the company’s website, these grow chambers are designed to produce consistent and bountiful crops with high yields per flush every time. But is the Max Yield Bin all it’s cracked up to be? We about to find out.

What is the Max Yield Bin?

best monotub design
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The Max Yield Bin is a no modification needed “monotub” which is used to grow a variety of mushroom species. The tub is comprised of two pieces, the base, and the lid.

The base of the tub is opaque and has small holes which line the perimeter of the base. This design serves to block light from reaching the side of the mycelium cake, and these holes are used for gas exchange and allow the heaver CO2 to escape. It is reported that the base can hold up to 30 pounds of substrate/spawn material.

The lid of the bin is made from frosted clear plastic and comes predrilled with 8 fresh air holes. The V2 lid design fixes weaknesses of the previous version by allowing condensation to run down the walls of the tub rather than pooling in the center. The lid sits on the lip of the base and features lockable handles on two sides.

The tub is relatively compact, and measures 22.5” x 15.5” x 12” when fully assembled.

Growing in the Max Yield Bin

We have used both versions of Max Yield’s bins. They Both have their pros and cons, yet each produced very similar results. For this test, we used 5 pounds of colonized grain and roughly 10 pounds of manure-based substrate. We opted to layer the spawn and substrate, as this method seems to produce more consistent and uniform results.

The one complaint we have so far is that the tub does not include a shallow lid you can use for colonization. Rather, during this process we sealed off the air holes in the provided lid and placed tape over the bases’ pre-drilled holes to cut off airflow.

It took about 14 days before we had a healthy layer of mycelium forming just under the surface. This is a little longer than usual, and is likely due to the size of the lid.

In preparation for fruiting, we replaced the tape covering the holes with micropore filter tape. The tub was then placed into fruiting conditions. Within 4 days we had pins growing. And a week later we had our first full flush.

Pins forming on mycelium

Although we did not mist or fan the tub, we were pretty impressed with our first flush.

Our first full flush with the Max Yield Bin

Subsequent Flushes

After the first flush the mycelium cake was pretty depleted. Consequently, we soaked it for 12 hours and put the tub back in to fruiting conditions. On this tub we were able to get a total of 3 flushes before the cake was spent.


The Max Yield Bin is pretty easy to clean. A quick spraydown from the kitchen sink sprayer loosened the bigger debris. The base and top are sturdy and can be wiped down and even withstood a run through our dishwasher.


As far as monotubs go, the Max Yield Bin is nearly triple the cost of a bargin storage tote. However, we have destroyed enough tubs to know what a great value this is considering it comes pre-drilled. In addition, the black base eliminates the need for a liner and locking handles are nice. Finally, this tub looks far better than a janky homemade sterilite tub. With all that said, at $74.99 the Max Yield Bin is a pretty good value.


What we like:

  • No need for liners
  • Looks great
  • Pre-cut holes
  • Good moisture retention and gas exchange
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Simple to use
  • Good results

What we dislike:

  • No colonization lid included (available to purchase separately)
  • Gaps between the lid and the base
  • Available in only one size
  • The tapered lid of V2 doesn’t allow for stacking tubs on top of each other

Final Thoughts

All in all, we were highly satisfied with how this bin performed. Although there were a few things that could be better, in our opionion the Max Yield Bin is the best monotub for beginner mushroom growers on the market. Is extremely easy to use, it is well built, and the opaque base and pre-drilled holes have saved us a bunch of time and frustration.

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Have you tried this tub? What do you use as a grow chamber? We would love to hear your comments.