Best Magic Mushroom for Visual Effects

Some like it visual, others prefer head trips, and still, others seek body sensations.

Here are our pics for the top P. cubensis mushroom varieties for visual effects in no particular order.


The Trinity Magic Mushroom is a hard-hitting hybrid of three popular and P. cubensis varieties. Trinity is known for powerful visual experiences, including fractals, geometric patterns, and vivid colors. 

dried trinity magic mushroom

Ban Phang Ka

The P. cubensis Ban Phang Ka Mushroom is a Thai variety that was originally brought to us by famed mycologist John Allen.

This variety is very similar to other Thai varieties and grows in small dense patches. The effects of the Ban Phang Ka have been reported to be visual-heavy, with pronounced visual stimulation and deep contemplative effects.

Ban Phang Ka visual mushroom

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Mushrooms are a potent and domesticated variety resulting from a genetic cross between Albino Penis Envy and Moby Dick.

Although not a common variety, White Rabbit’s unique genetics provide users with a euphoric, mind-bending experience, with vivid visual hallucinations.

white rabbit mushrooms


The Z-strain Magic Mushroom is a popular P. cubensis variety and is considered one of the best strains for users looking for a balanced visual and body high.


The F+ mushroom is an isolation of a cubensis originally collected in Florida. Effects from this mushroom are reported to be very visual and profoundly thought provoking.

F+ Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy Variants

Penis envy is one of the most potent varieties of the P. Cubensis strain. Due to its higher-than-average potency, PE and the isolations and genetic hybrids crossed with it, typically have harder-hitting effects than a normal cubensis. 

Users report intense visual hallucinations and mind-warping experiences when consuming these varieties. 

penis envy 6

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