Just-the-Trich | Substrate Additive for Severe Trich Mold Infections

This blend is formulated to prevent aggressive contamination of mushroom substrate by enhancing the immune response of the fungi.

How to use Just-the-Trich:

As a Substrate Spray: Simply add 2G to a 1L bottle, and spray your substrate when spawning to bulk, repeat weekly.

As a Tent Spray: The same as the substrate spray, only you spray the inside of your tent or fruiting chamber to proactively treat Trichoderma in the growing environment itself.

Just-the-Trich Protects Against the Following Contaminates:

Blight and Fruit Rot (Alternaria spp.); Bacterial Blast, Blight, and Streak (Pseudomonas syringae, Bread Mold (Neurospora.); Black Mold (Aspergillus.); Pseudomonas viridiflava, Xanthomonas Spp.); Bacterial Fruit blotch (Acidovorax avenaesubsp); Trichoderma Harzianum; Sooty mold; Sour Rot; Southern Blight (Scerotium rolfsii); Sheath Spot and Blight (Rhizoctonia oryzae); White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum); White Rot (Scerotium cepivorum.)


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