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Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom Information
  • Species – P. Cubensis
  • Founder – Unknown
  • Origin – US
  • Strength – Average
  • Effects – A balanced mix of mental and bodily effects. The Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom is also known for vivid spiritual or mystical experiences.
  • Cultivation Difficulty – Easy

About the Golden Teacher Mushroom

The classic Cubensis

The Golden Teacher (Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher) shrooms are known for their light golden caps, slender and uniform stalks, and their popularity among growers and users alike. This variety is well domesticated and excellent for multi-spore. The history of the Golden Teacher mushroom is a bit of a mystery. However, some speculate that the original specimen was likely from Gulf Coast of America.

Effects of Golden Teachers

Users report that the golden teacher mushroom is a wonderful beginner variety due to its balanced visual, auditory, and cerebral effects. The golden teacher mushroom provides feelings of euphoria and interconnectedness with nature. Great mushroom to experience while in nature.

How to Grow Golden Teacher Mushrooms

This subvariety is considered an easy mushroom to grow. The simplest way to grow this psychoactive mushroom is to fruit directly from the bag, however, others prefer to fruit from a grow chamber such as a shoe-box tek or Monotub.

Growing Parameters:

Substrate: Various grain types, birdseed, compost, pasteurized dung/straw
Colonization temperature: 82-86°F / 28-30°C 

Fruiting temperature: 73-87°F / 23-26°C

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