Thai Pink Buffalo Magic Mushrooms

The Pink Buffalo mushroom is a popular p. cubensis isolation with an interesting backstory. The origin story begins on the island of Koh Samui Thailand where the original specimen was collected. According to lore, this mushroom specimen was spotted in a field near where a pink buffalo was grazing. Seeing a pink buffalo is considered good luck and so the original culture was collected. As unbelievable as that sounds, there is a small population of Bubalus bubalis, a normally grey species of water buffalo, that has a mutation that produces a pink pigment.


Thai Pink Buffalo Mushrooms are similar in many ways to other south-east Asia psilocybe cubensis variants. The fruit bodies are uniform and medium in size, with light golden brown caps, and cream-colored stalks. The spores produced by this variety are dark purple to black in color. Pink Buffalo is an aggressive colonizer and prolific fruiter, making them a great mushroom for beginner cultivators to grow.

Pink Buffalo Mushroom Effects

Users of Thai Pink report feelings of euphoria, connectedness, and deep contemplation. This variety provides more of a cerebral experience than others, with light visuals and body high.

How to grow Thai Pink Buffalo Mushrooms

The simplest way to grow most p. cubensis mushrooms is to fruit directly from the bag using an all-in-one bag such as this one from

However, if you are looking for more hands-on experience, we would recommend using a grow-chamber setup using grain spawn and a manure-based substrate. We have found that the easiest grow chamber setup consists of using a tin container. You can read the full post on how to grow mushrooms using tin containers here.

Below is a summary of this method:

  1. Innoculate grain bag with 3-5cc of Thai Pink liquid culture or spores via spore syringe.
  2. Store the inoculated grain bag in a dry area for colonization making sure to maintain a substrate temperature of 84-86. Colonizing mycelium generates its own heat, so an ambient room temperature in the high 70s is recommended.
  3. Once fully colonized, prepare the tin container and begin layering the substrate and colonized grain. Begin and end with a layer of the substrate.
  4. Set aside for re-colonization (10-14 days)
  5. Prepare the li by adding fresh air holes and cover with micro-pore tape.
  6. Replace the lid and place the tin into fruiting conditions. Reduce the ambient temperatures to reduce the substrate temperatures to 74-78 degrees F.
  7. Mist the inside of the chamber lid when needed.
  8. Harvest

Pink Buffalo Magic Mushroom Growing Parameters:

Preferred Substrate(s):Various grain types, compost, pasteurized dung/straw
Substrate Temperature (Colonization):84/86 degrees F.
Substrate Temperature (Fruiting):74/78 degrees F.
Humidity/FAEDuring Colonization: 100%RH, 0 FAE: During Fruiting: 90%RH, FAE 2-5x per day

Note: Substrate temps should be measured internally using a probe thermometer. We’ve found that multi-probe thermometers, such as this dual probe and this quad probe thermometer are easy and very accurate.

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Have you grown Pink Buffalos? Have an experience you care to share? Let us know in the comments your experience.

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