Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

Brazilian Magic Mushrooms (p. cubensis Brazil) are a fast growing cubensis isolation that is known for it’s intense spiritual experiences. The original culture was reportedly collected somewhere in the Brazilian highlands then isolated to create a genetically stable variant. Brazilians are an aggressive colonizing genetic which in the right conditions can product massive fruits.


Indigenous cultures in central and south America have been using psychedelic substances in ceremonial and shamanic rituals for generations. Some of the earliest stone carvings depict the use of mushrooms in ceremony. It has been speculated the spiritual leaders used these mushrooms as a means of communicating with the gods. The Brazilian p. Cubensis is no exception. This magic mushroom is reported to have heightened spiritual effects by its users. Feelings of interconnection and euphoria are a common theme reported by users. This variety is considered easy to grow, which is likely due to its domestication throughout the years. Brazilians are aggressive colonizers and are known to produce some very large fruits. The fruits produced by this genetic have large golden colored caps and proportionate stems. The veils tend to be thicker at the top, which results in quicker separation upon maturity.


Like other other p. cubensis varieties, the Brazilian is reported to provide its users with euphoria, a feeling of interconnection, laughter, and cerebral acuity. However, with this specific variant, reports of a spiritual experience is far more common. However this may simply be a result of the users expectation and/or intent of consuming this particular genetic.

The Brazilian is of average potency and provides users with a gradual lead up, and a calming uniform overall experience. This mushroom is great for first timers.

How to grow Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

There are a variety of different ways to grow Brazilian mushrooms. However, the most beginner-friendly method is to fruit directly from the bag using an all-in-one bag such as this one from

However, if you are looking for more hands-on experience, we would recommend using a grow-chamber setup using grain spawn and a manure-based substrate. We have found that the easiest grow chamber setup consists of using a tin container. You can read the full post on how to grow mushrooms using tin containers here.

Below is a summary of this post:

  1. Innoculate grain bag with 3-5cc of Brazilian liquid culture or spores via spore syringe.
  2. Store the inoculated grain bag in a dry area for colonization making sure to maintain a substrate temperature of 84-86. Colonizing mycelium generates its own heat, so an ambient room temperature in the high 70s is recommended.
  3. Once fully colonized, prepare the tin container and begin layering the substrate and colonized grain. Begin and end with a layer of the substrate.
  4. Set aside for re-colonization (10-14 days)
  5. Prepare the li by adding fresh air holes and cover with micro-pore tape.
  6. Replace the lid and place the tin into fruiting conditions. Reduce the ambient temperatures to reduce the substrate temperatures to 74-78 degrees F.
  7. Mist the inside of the chamber lid when needed.
  8. Harvest

Brazilian Magic Mushroom Growing Parameters:

Preferred Substrate(s):Various grain types, compost, pasteurized dung/straw
Substrate Temperature (Colonization):84/86 degrees F.
Substrate Temperature (Fruiting):74/78 degrees F.
Humidity/FAEDuring Colonization: 100%RH, 0 FAE: During Fruiting: 90%RH, FAE 2-5x per day

Note: Substrate temps should be measured internally using a probe thermometer. We’ve found that multi-probe thermometers, such as this dual probe and this quad probe thermometer are easy and very accurate.

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