Not only is the process of packing your own mushroom micro-dose pills fun and inexpensive, but its also super easy!

First thing first… What exactly is (psychedelic) micro-dosing?

Well, in a nutshell, micro-dosing is a supplemental regimen which utilizes a small amount of psychedelic substances to achieve a desired benefit.  While many different psychedelic substances may be used, micro dosing psilocybin mushrooms is quite popular and has been used by many cultures over the years to boost cognitive function, creativity, as well as to alleviate symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and other mental disorters.  

What is a micro-dose dose?

A typical micro-dose is roughly 1/10th to 1/20th the strength of a recreational (psychoactive trip experience) dose of psychedelics. At this potency the substance does not cause a “trip”, but rather the effects provide some people a sense of clarity and calmness, while others describe increased focus and curiosity as a primary effect. Yet others simply report a feeling of peace and general wellbeing. 

While the aforementioned dose of psychoactive may be effective on its own, many experts in the field promote the use of supplementary herbs and vitamins to increase the overall effectiveness of the dose.

Most notably, the Paul Stamet’s nootropic stack utilizes Lyon’s Mane and Niacin alongside psilocybin mushrooms to achieve maximum absorption and overall effectiveness.

Our micro-dose recipe

For this article we will be making an anti-anxiety blend using the Ashwagandha root and Lyon’s Mane mushroom as our supplementary ingredients. However, you can follow this process to create any combination of ingredients you wish. Just make sure to be mindful of effective doses of each of your ingredients and measure accordingly. 

To make your own micro-dose pills you will need:

Step 1 – Math (Very Important)

Our first step is to determine the potency of each of the ingredients we will be using for our blend. For this recipe each 750 mg capsule will contain:

  • 100 mg mushrooms
  • 200 mg Ashwagandha
  • 350 mg Lyon’s Mane 

You’ll notice the combined ingredient weight does not equal the capsules 750 mg capacity. That is because in our experience it is best not to fill to the maximum the capsule can hold, but rather to leave the adequate room as to avoid over-packing and capsule breakage 

That said, I will need to weigh and measure enough of these ingredients for 100 capsules (the capacity of my pill filler)


100 mg x 100 = 10,000 mg – or – 10 grams

200 mg x 100 = 20,000 mg – or – 20 grams

350 mg x 100 = 35,000 mg – or – 35 grams 

Step 2 – Weigh, combine all ingredients, blend

Next, we will set our scale to zero, weigh out each of our ingredients individually, add them to our blending cup, and blend to a fine powder.

Step 3 – Prepare capsules and capsule filler

Next, we will count out 100 capsules, separate the tops from the bottoms, and set the empty capsules in the filling machine. This process may vary based on the capsule filler you choose. Make sure to follow your specific models instructions.

Step 4 – Fill Capsules

Now we will begin to fill the capsules. First you will want to pour a good amount of your ingredient powder on filling surface of your capsule filler. Move this powder around using a card making sure each of the capsules is full.  

Once all of the capsules are full, smooth out the surface, then compress the powder down using the press included with your capsule filler.

You will repeat this process until all of your powdered ingredients are used. Video below. 

Step 5 – Cap them puppies up!

Place the plastic divider and the filler top containing the empty capsule tops over your full capsules and press down firmly. See the video below.

And that’s it! Throw them bad boys in a bottle and hit the road!

From all of us over here at Magic Mycology, we sincerely hope this tutorial helped to inspire and take action. If so, shoot us a comment, letting us know what your favorite stack is and how it has affected your life. 

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