how many quarts are in a 3 pound bag of grain spawn?

Wanna know how many quarts are in that shiny new grain spawn of yours?

That depends…

Not all grains are created equal

Some grains are larger, some absorb more moisture, others are weird-shaped, kinda like that weird kid’s head from high school.

That said, the volume will depend on the spawn substrate you are using. 

However ,the generally accepted approximation is 1 quart per pound. 

General Rule of Thumb

One pound of grain equals roughly one quart.

If you are trying to be more precise, however, the ratio is closer to 1 lb ≈ .89 quarts.

So as an example:

  • A 3-pound bag of grain spawn is equal to approximately 2.5 quarts.

  • One quart of grain spawn is equal to approximately 1 pound, 2 oz. 

What has been your experience using different grains? Let me know in the comments.

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